Larry and Pinto

Every year since 1985, Ultimate teams from across the US have gathered at Bozofest for the chance to win one of our coveted traveling trophies, Larry and Pinto.

Larry (named after the man who built the Bozo the Clown empire) is awarded to the winner of the tournament, and Pinto (named after Pinto Colvig, the original Bozo the Clown) is awarded to the winner of the beer bracket. Teams who prove themselves worthy of winning one of these trophies get to hold onto them for the year following their victory, and we encourage you to take them on all your Ultimate- and non-Ultimate-related adventures. They love to travel, and you’ll find pictures of them from adventures around the globe in their boxes. Keep a close eye on them, though – they tend to disappear, especially if there are Bozos or Mental Toss Flycoons nearby. 

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